Are You a Hypnotic Influence Specialist?


Are You a Hypnotic Influence Specialist?

One of the ways I like to teach is through
what I call my “Distilled Learning Method”
or DLM…

It is a way for me to take concepts and
transfer them to you in either an email
or audio file…

In fact in my next email,I’m going to
totally blow your mind with the concept
of using your “Eyes as Transmitters”…

So, make sure you look for that one…

Here we go…Hold on to your seat.

So let me start by saying, you have taken
a big step in understanding how hypnosis


Hey, Scratch that–> HYPNOTIC INFLUENCE

I always use the term Hypnotic Influence,
because when you get good at some of the
things I’ll teach you, you become:
A “Hypnotic Influence Specialist”

Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?

So the question I have for you today is
do you like being in control?

You may be thinking what does that mean?

Being in control is knowing that you
have a set of tools in your hands that
you can use to get, and maintain control
in a given situation…

You see, your mind will do exactly what you
train it and focus it to do…

The big issue is putting in the correct
information and then knowing the tools
that will get you to where you want to

Being a Controller is also “Pure Confidence”,
because you know you can benefit from situations
that maybe before scared you to death!

My goal with you, is to give you the confidence
to be that Controller, and later on if you

Everything comes down to having the confidence
and recognizing how to navigate a situation…

In my Hypnotic Influence Library, you’ll learn
all the concepts, methods and tactics, you’ll
need to get really good…

If you really do desire to be a “Player” in
your own life, then make the decision to get
my manuals and all the bonuses and dive in
and start benefiting…

Click here for more details

In the next post, I’m going to open
up your eyes to using your eyes as transmitters
for Hypnotic Influence– Keep posted!

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