Hypnotic Influence: Using Your Eyes as Transmitters


So, are you on your way to becoming a
Controller and Hypnotic Influence Specialist?

If you are, congrats…


So, in the last email, I mentioned the
concept of using your EYES AS TRANSMITTERS.

What in the world does that mean?

It means your eyes contain a powerful
energy that when focused can cause Hypnotic
and Trance Like effects…

——–The Eyes Hold Power——-
Because I started my training in Chi
Power, Qigong and other esoteric energy
arts, I learned some really cool stuff
that is not normally taught…
It’s called “CLOSED DOOR” training…

In order to learn from certain people, you
had to be approved…

They wanted to make sure you were serious
and wouldn’t use the techniques for the
wrong purposes…

Anyway, lets get back on track with the
eyes, shall we…

So, your eyes contain power…

You can calibrate your eyes to be either
hard or soft, intense or relaxed…

Each of these has an effect on the people
you deal with…

Here is a simple test you can do to prove my

1. Always look someone in the eyes.
2. It takes confidence
3. Start to look at people in the eyes
and begin to guide or lead them with your gaze.
4. In Hypnotic Influence Terms, this is called the “Power of Your Gaze”
5. Use either a “soft eyes” or “hard eyes”
approach depending on what you want to achieve.

I want you to practice using your gaze as
you speak to someone…

Draw them in with your gaze.

Do you realize you can pull someone in with
your gaze only?

That is a super sneaky trick you’ll learn
when you get the training system…

I’ve some other really cool stuff to share
with you, like the power of your voice…

Let me know if you are getting something out
of this, and also if you want to know something
specific to Hypnotic Influence or being a Controller

For the next post, I’ll cover the POWER OF THE
VOICE and how you can get that to work in a
very potent way…

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