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A. Thomas Perhacs, Director- League of Hypnotic Influence Specialists
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Manipulation: The Master Secrets of Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence– $97 (Entire system of Videos, Audios & Manuscripts)Manipulation is “Hypnosis on Steroids”. Mastering the concept of “use what is useful” is the key to this instruction course on how to become a “total controller”. The techniques of covert persuasion and hypnotic influence are revealed in this powerful training system. All the fat has been removed and you will learn how to ramp up your hypnotic influence skills exponentially. These are the base skills of a “Hypnotic Influence Specialist”. Step by step, word by word, you’ll know what to do and when to do it.
Ultimate Hypnotic Influence- $97 (Entire system of Videos, Audios & Manuscripts)This amazing follow up to Manipulation contains the 8 Skills of the most successful hypnotic influence specialists. Designed to divulge a skill in each lesson, you can pick or choose which one you want to learn. Learn advanced methods of rapid trance, subliminal directives, hypnotic attraction, daily skill training, setting hooks and triggers, voice power, and mental power strategies to name but a few…
Control Factor Self Hypnosis – $67 (Entire system of Videos, Audios & Manuscripts)This course was in development for over 18 months. This is the one system you need if you want lasting change for yourself. The instruction breaks down not only how to change, but why it works and why you use the exact phrases and commands. The script for this system alone is worth the cost of the entire course. You will understand on a logical level why self hypnosis works and it will allow you to have the self confidence that it will work for you.



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  • Manipulation: The Master Secrets of Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence- $67
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  • Control Factor Self Hypnosis- $67
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