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Hypnotic Boot Camp Module #2


Week Two Intro

In this week’s lesson’s you’ll learn some super powerful methods of Self Hypnosis, Autosuggestion, affirmations and focusing…This lesson could be one of the most valuable lessons you ever learn.

You can immediately apply them and see exactly how they work when used properly.

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This is the 2nd week of your 2 week FREE trial, so be sure to take notes and apply all the concepts that are discussed…

***Please Note**** These video files are quite large, so you may want to let them load first before you stream them (Simply pause the video and wait until the video bar progresses to the end). We provide the MP3 files, so you can download the content to your PC or IPod.

Video #1

Questions You Need To Ask Your Self (and Answer)


 Click Here for The MP3 File

 Click Here for The Notes on Questions

Video #2

Boot Camp Black Board Lesson #2

Super Dynamic Self Hypnosis Methods


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 Click Here for The Notes

 The 10 Keys to Real Self Hypnosis Document

Video #3

Tools of The Trade- Audacity Recorder For Self-Talk & Subliminal Work

You will love this tool to create an unlimited amount of subliminal, meditation, affirmation & autosuggestion recordngs. Truely remarkable.


Audacity Software (Click Here to Download)

Video #4

The Power Method Revealed: Putting Together Autosuggestions & Affirmations


 Click Here for The MP3 File

Click Here for the Word Document Template


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 Click Here for The Notes

Burning Desire Check List Word Doc

Bonus Induction/Self Hypnosis Audio Tracks

 Alpha Dual Induction MP3 File

 Alpha Hypnotic Relaxation MP3 File

 Theta Deep Dual Induction MP3 File


Here are a couple of the musical CDs that I have used over the years while meditating. They are both fantastic and will allow you incredible focus and at the same time relax you…


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