Learn The Master Secrets of Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence

Hypnotic Boot Camp Module #6


Week Six Intro

Once you fully understand the power of your subconscious mind as well as how to influence the subconscious of others, you will truly be on your way to being a Hypnotic Influence Specialist…

This week’s training will provide you with the neccesary techniques and methods to begin the subliminal message process…This will also mean you must put in the time in order to get these strategies to work best for you.

Make sure you take a lot of notes, because I provide you with a lot of hands on techniques to try on your own over the next week or so… In fact, the key to this weeks lesson is to work on the skills contained here.

***Please Note**** These video files are quite large, so you may want to let them load first before you stream them (Simply pause the video and wait until the video bar progresses to the end). We provide the MP3 files, so you can download the content to your PC or IPod.

Video #1Subliminal Strategies Intro


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Video #2

Boot Camp Black Board Lesson #6

Secret Subliminal Strategies


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Video #3

Subliminal Advertising

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Video #4

Subliminal Mind Map

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Skills Enhancement Work Sheet

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* Next Week you will learn “Patterns of Power”, Hypnotic Influence Word Patterns

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