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Hypnotic Boot Camp Module #7


Week Seven Intro

In Baseball they might refer to this week as “The 7th inning stretch”. In this week, I am going to answer a bunch of your questions as it relates to the training as well as a review of what you need to be doing over the next week.

Consider this a bonus week, as I will still be delivering another 6 weeks of hard hitting training and info…

Please keep sending in your questions, comments and other correspondence, as I really appreciate know you are getting great results.

***Please Note**** These video files are quite large, so you may want to let them load first before you stream them (Simply pause the video and wait until the video bar progresses to the end). We provide the MP3 files, so you can download the content to your PC or IPod.

Video #1Module 7 ->6 Week Review<-


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Video #2

Boot Camp Question & Answer Session

Your Questions Answered


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Video #3

Skills Enhancement


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* Next Week you will learn “Patterns of Power”, Hypnotic Influence Word Patterns

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